Houston schools provide a wide variety of alternatives from public schools, private schools, and home schooling.

Jim Regan has seen the schooling including elementary, middle, high school, and college campuses evolve since he moved here in 1981. You will find a wide variety of schools throughout the Houston area including public, private, and religious based schools.

If you are looking at schools in the Houston area, here are a few websites to consider:

School Digger: https://www.schooldigger.com/

Private Schools: http://houstonprivateschools.org

HISD / Houston Independent School District: http://www.houstonisd.org/

CyFair School District: http://www.cfisd.net/

Fort Bend School District: http://www.fortbend.k12.tx.us/

In addition to elementary, middle, and high schools in the Houston area, there are several great colleges in and around the Houston Area. These include Lone Star College with over 85,000 students and University of Houston in the direct Houston area, in addition to the University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University, and Texas A&M all within a close radius in surrounding cities.

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