Relocating from New York to Houston

Jim Regan Broker/Owner of Team Regan Realty has relocated from Houston to New York and back. Obviously there are many differences between the Big Apple and Houston Texas. Homes are less expensive. Houstonians commute in their cars and do not use much public transportation.

Jim can help you with determining which parts of Houston you might like more than others, the traffic, the schools, the flooding, the heat. Jim can help you with many factors when looking at buying, selling, leasing, or investing in Real Estate. Jim has seen it all with over 25 years of Houston area Real Estate.

No State income taxes in Texas.

Property taxes range around 3% of the County appraised value with discounts available.

Contracts are provided for Realtors so very few people use Lawyers like you do in New York or New Jersey.

It takes between 35 and 45 days from executed contract to closing. Call Jim Regan at 713-443-5911 with any questions.